Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Ganache - Magical Silken accompaniment

Rich, Creamy and Chocolatey

Glamorize your deserts with Ganache - Create magic with just two basic ingredients - Chocolate and Cream ( Heavy cream/ Whipping Cream/ Double Cream/ Fresh Cream like Amul Fresh Cream)

First of all, I want to thank Viju, my brother, who introduced me to Ganache and its amazing uses, so much so that I always serve my chocolate desserts with Ganache in some form. It makes every dessert look appealing to the eyes and delicious to your taste buds.

Ganache is a essentially a French term referring to a smooth mixture of chocolate and cream, used as a glaze over cakes or to make truffles or as light pastry/cake fillings. The texture, consistency and use of Ganache depends on the ratio of cream to chocolate. Ganache can be flavoured with vanilla, espresso or any liqueur of you choice like coffee/chocolate/cream/nut liqueur.
  • To make a glaze or coating: use one part cream to three parts chocolate. Pour over a cake or torte for a shiny and smooth glaze. 
    • 2 fl oz of cream and 6 fl oz of cooking chocolate + a dollop of unsalted butter
  • To make a truffle: use one part cream to two parts chocolate. Once it cools down roll into balls and coat in a coating of your choice eg., chocolate vermicelli, chocochips, icing sugar, desiccated coconut etc.
    • 4 fl oz of cream and 8 fl oz of cooking chocolate
  • To make a light filling: use one part cream to one part chocolate. Once it cools, the filling can be used as it is or whipped for softer and lighter fillings for cakes and tortes.
    • 8 fl oz of cream and 8 fl oz of cooking chocolate

  1. Ganache is made by bringing the cream to a boil , just under boiling point.
  2. Pour the hot cream over finely chopped chocolate.Allow to sit for one minute and let the chocolate soften.
  3. Add any flavourings that you want to at this point.
  4. Stir the mixture chocolate and cream mixture until the chocolate is entirely melted and incorporated.
  5. What you now have is called the Ganache - Smooth and Creamy.
Do not cover Ganache when storing in the refrigerator. Always remember when melting chocolate, do not let chocolate come in contact with moisture otherwise your chocolate will seize and will not be suitable to use anymore.


  1. I usually add rum to it... Thats gives a brilliant flavour to my cakes :)

    Sayantika here ( Spoke to you about the classes).

    1. Yum...or any other liqueur is great too :-)