Did you know??

  • Chocolate can seize easily while melting it (meaning that it becomes hard and unmixable) if any moisture comes in contact with the chocolate while melting. To prevent this always melt chocolate at a low heat over a double boiler set over simmering water. Make sure the vessel with the water is completely covered with the vessel containing chocolate so that no water can escape. And if you are using the microwave, then it should be at a lower power for 1 1/2 to 2 minutes.Having said that, if you do manage to seize your chocolate, just pour some cream or milk over your chocolate and whisk vigorously to get a chocolate sauce.

  • Toasting nuts releases their oil thus enhancing their flavor and the nuts take a deeper colour when toasted. Remove from fire when their colour is just a shade lighter that what you finally want.Once the nuts are done, transfer them to a cooler surface, to minimize carry-over cooking.
  • Add a pinch of sugar to any recipe that uses tomatoes, especially tomato sauce for pasta/pizza. It brings out the sourness and adds flavor.
  • Add generous dollop of vanilla ice cream to your cold coffee before blitzing it in the blender...and see the difference...friends will keep asking you for more...
  • Freeze left over egg whites...from your cake mix. Use the egg whites in your face pack or  for curing burns or just eat a high protein omelet with lots of veggies.
  • To thicken a soup that is too thin after blending, add a slice of bread and blend again. Instant results !!
  • If your white sauce is turning lumpy, just splash some cold water instead of reaching for some more milk and whisk away vigorously. Most of the lumps will get sorted out...and the ones that remain...just strain them out.

  • Always cool your cakes before storing them in a container, because if you don't, the residual heat from inside of the cake or any baked product is going to rise to the top/crust which is relatively drier than the center and accumulate on the top and make it sticky. Or it might condense because of the lid and come and settle back on the top and give a very sticky surface. Sometimes a very humid climate also results in a slightly sticky top.


  1. thanks usha...informations given here are really useful...most of which is really new to me...shall take care while using the most sinful ingrident "chocolate" which can be a little tricky also .thanks a ton.good luck.