Monday, 8 August 2011

Beetroot and Aloo Sabzi - Beetroot Potato Curry

This recipe came along when my children refused to eat plain beetroot curry. And now its a family favorite, husband and kids equally love this one.The best thing about this Beetroot and Aloo Sabzi is that you don't feel like you are eating beetroot. Its like pink coloured aloo sabzi.And it goes very well with roti or rice ...or stuffed in the samosa instead of the regular potatoes...Call it the Beetroot Samosa. And taking it to the next level would be to throw in some Cheese..any cheese, good old processed cheese from a tin would do...crumbled paneer can substitute it as well and you can stuff it into grilled sandwiches or make them into tikkis...the list is endless. So like someone said cooking is all about contrast and away this blend of pink and white to health


2 Medium sized Potatoes
3 Medium sized Beetroots
3 tsps of Gingelly oil (or any other cooking oil)
1 tsp mustard seeds
8-10 Curry leaves
1 tsp split black gram dal ( Split urad dal)
1 Whole  red Chilli ( Adjust to your taste)
1/2 tsp Asafoetida
Salt to taste

No turmeric...its a waste adding it because the pink is just too dominating...won't let the yellow come through..unless you feel it might add to the taste.

Peel and chop the beets and potatoes, lengthwise or small cubes. Soak the potatoes in just enough water to cover the potatoes. Make sure  the chopped veggies are similar in size.

Heat oil in a kadai (wok). Once the oil is hot enough but does not start smoking, add the mustard seeds. Once the mustard seeds start to splutter, add black gram dal, Fry for a minute. Add the whole red chilli. Add the Asafoetida and curry leaves. Once the urad is brown-maroon in colour, add the potatoes without the water. Add the beets and mix the veggies thoroughly. Add Salt to taste , sprinkle 1 tbsp of the water in which potatoes were soaked. Cover with a lid and cook just till the veggies are done, around 15 minutes on a simmer. Serve piping hot. 

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