Saturday, 20 August 2011


Gokulashtami, also known as Janmashtami or Krishna Jayanthi is the celebration of Lord Krishna, the eighth incarnation of Lord Vishnu, according to Hindu Mythology. It is usually celebrated over two days, as Krishna was born at midnight. As a child, Gokulashtami always meant lots and lots to eat. But of course we had to share the work load with amma.... roll out the uppu cheedai urundais and kodubele..and they all had to be similar in size, that was the challenge :-). and my favorite ...draw chinna chinna padangal...divine footsteps...tiny little feet for Little Krishna, made with rice flour all over the house starting at the entrance of the house...signifying the beginning of all good things just like most religious practices was very childishly satisfying to actually believe that a a little boy is going to step into our house at midnight, so I would make sure that the footsteps I made were perfect..I still love to make those footsteps, make them every year for Gokulashtami. And now I have two little Divine Krishnas of my own who make their own footsteps with the Kolum-Mavu.

Nei Appam, Uppu Cheedai, Vella Cheedai, Murrukku, ThenKhuzhal, Kodubelai and Kuchelar's Aval(Sudama's Beaten Rice)....Well, cant make all of these things this time....just the Nei Appam, ThenKhuzhal and the Aval....So Happy Gokulashtami to all of you...God Bless!! and the recipes will just a few hours more when my delicacies are ready to be for Naivedyam...offerings to God and then to be gorged upon by my little angels, not to forget the older one !!!!

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